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Barn Shed with Play Loft 10 by 10

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Here's a real versatile shed for a smaller lot that features a play loft for the kids!

The 10 by 10 shed can fit into many smaller yards and offer ample storage as well as a mini loft for children. The ceiling height of the main shed is 7 feet and the loft has a ceiling peak of 42 inches with a mini door on the front, leading to a small fully enclosed cantilevered balcony. Children can play safely in the yard and look out over the estate!

Later as the kids outgrow the play loft, you can use the loft for more storage or completely remove the bolt in floor and create even more open storage.

The plans include specifications for a ladder loft inside the shed for access to the upper level, however the ladder can also be installed outside on the front wall of the shed if you prefer to restrict access to the lower level for children.

The plans include both configurations. This is a very versatile shed-playhouse that is easy to build and takes minimal space. Best of all it's dual use can be converted once the kids get older!

  • Model: 15083

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