Unique Project Designs


For 2019 we have introduced our new line of plans: OUR 2019 SUPER LARGE FORMAT PLANS. Our new generation of plans use new software and printing technology to create beautifully detailed renderings of our more ambitious projects.

We offer woodworking plans from novice to expert that include:

arbors, pergolas, cribs, cradles, beds, barns, cabins, chests, clocks, coach houses, cottages, decks, garages, garden projects, gazebos, greenhouses, furniture, kitchens, playhouses, sheds, toys, trailers and workshops...

For a limited introductory time, our new SUPER LARGE FORMAT PLANS are deep discounted, up to 60% off!  Review our new line of plans here...

Our 39th YEAR!

We've been selling plans since 1978 by mail order. In 1994 we established our first on line website.

Our plans are designed for the home builder with step by step instructions and fully dimensioned diagrams to scale. You can order plans in Adobe PDF format and download them instantly for local printout or for an additional fee, you can order your plans as printed versions that are mailed to you.

We have plans for sheds, cabins, cottages, barns, run-in sheds home improvements and much more...

Most of our plans are designed for 8 1/2 by 14 legal paper. Selected larger projects are designed in our 11 by 17 Large Format paper size. Many are on sale right now!


Monthly Specials For November

Salt Box Utility Shed 12 by 16
U.S.$49.00  U.S.$19.99
Save: 59% off
Cranberry Cove 3 Bedroom 1258 Sq. ft
U.S.$399.00  U.S.$99.00
Save: 75% off
Writer's Studio 10 by 10
U.S.$49.99  U.S.$19.99
Save: 60% off
Elmira Bungalow 2 Bedroom 1249 sq. ft
U.S.$399.00  U.S.$99.00
Save: 75% off
Diamond Cottage 1001 sq ft.
U.S.$199.00  U.S.$69.00
Save: 65% off
Run In Shed L Design 24 ft by 24 ft
U.S.$99.00  U.S.$16.99
Save: 83% off
Shelburne Cottage 2 BR 768 Sq Ft
U.S.$199.00  U.S.$99.00
Save: 50% off