Waste Oil Blower Heater - PLANS

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Waste Oil Blower Heater – PLANS

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Waste Oil Blower Heater – PLANS

The concept of using waste oil for heating originated during World War 2. Various designs have emerged. This is the simplest blower-based heating unit made from off-the-shelf steel pipe components and a modest hair dryer fan used as a blower.

The heating unit is then installed in a discarded water tank with some simple add on parts you can make in a weekend, and enjoy the benefit of FREE HEAT in your garage or shop.

The simple system uses easy to find parts and can be made for as little as $60. After that, waste oil from your own equipment as well as local garages for free, can be your ongoing supply for this money saving system. Build this heater and start enjoying FREE HEAT now!

Recently, we have also run the heater on waste vegetable oil! It operates well on also a mixture of waste motor oil and vegetable oil.

Remember that every gallon of waste oil you burn prevents its return into landfill sites and the cost of recycling!

NOTE: Waste oil heaters are not recommended for home use and should not be operated unattended.

Although updated annually, we sold these plans first in 1978!

Project Skill Level: Beginner

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-Heater tank cut outs and setup
-Burner system with blower setup from a discarded hair dryer
-Fuel preheat setup
-Tuning the burner for top efficiency

The blower burner will consume between one to two quarts of fuel per hour and can heat up to 1200 square feet.

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