Urban Windcharger - PLANS

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Urban Windcharger – PLANS

$13.99 $8.99

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Urban Windcharger – PLANS

Although updated annually, we sold these plans first in 1978!

Since then, standard automotive alternators that are used to capture wind energy and convert it to electricity have become even more self contained, cheaper and easier to install. This is not the most efficient windcharger plans we offer but it is the easiest to build. You can get quickly acquainted with a simple wind charging system and be generating modest amounts of power in no time with theses plans.

With a little ingenuity you can build the Urban Windcharger for less than $300!

Project Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-Tower Construction Guidelines
-Scalable profiles for simple-to-make blades
-Charging Circuit
-Auto-Shutdown Safety System
-The wind charger has three blades, with a 6 ft diameter
-Recommended tower height is 12 feet

The completed wind charger can generate 200 to 300 watts that is stored in a standard deep cycle auto battery for 12 volt or inverted 110 volt use.

This is a good first project for the alternate energy enthusiast.

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