Urban Mini "L" Shed Plans (10 by 10)


Urban Mini “L” Shed Plans (10 by 10)


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Urban Mini “L” Shed Plans (10 by 10)

Build this solid shed of a thousand uses in a few weekends. Our design will enhance the value of any rural or urban property. Customers have built sheds according to our plans since 1978 and have used them for:

-General Storage
-Gardening and potting
-Pool Cabanas
-Retreat Studio
-Sleepover Bunkie

This shed is designed as a smaller version of our most popular Tri-Star Shed “L” shaped shed. This mini bunkie is ideal for smaller yards or properties, and neatly tucks into the corner of a small yard, but maximizes storage space. We’ve simplified the original 5 sided roof and modified the wall height down to 7 feet.

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-Pressure treated foundation
-Solid construction on 16″ stud centers
-Tongue & groove vertical cedar siding
-Specified high load metal roof, with substitutions such as shingles
-Full 7 foot walls

Project Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate”,

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