Sutton Six Stall Barn 30 by 36

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Sutton Six Stall Barn 30 by 36

$199.00 $99.99

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Sutton Six Stall Barn 30 by 36

The Sutton Barn offers six large stalls with a utility room and full staircase to the upper storage loft. Wide barn doors at both ends enable easy access to the main level. Elevated barn doors at each end on the upper level also enable loading and unloading hay or other feed easy. A trap door in the main aisle also makes transfering feed from each level easy, even in bad weather.

The barn also incorporates split stall doors as well as optional exterior doors beside the slider windows that allow a maximum of ambient light in the interior.

Each side has an extended roof to shelter the exterior doors from rain and snow. The extra shade from the extended roof also keeps the stalls cooler in the summer.

A very versatile barn design within a smaller footprint – ideal for smaller farms and properties.




Plans Data
Square Feet 1072 sq. ft plus 1072 sq ft loft
Width 30 ft
Depth 36 ft
Height from Foundation 27 ft
Roof Type & Pitch Gable Roof – 8/12 pitch
Bathrooms Possible in utility room
Foundation pier
Exterior Walls 2 by 6 – vinyl siding
Garage Space n/a
Ceiling Height 8 ft



Multi-Use Barn




Designer’s Notes
Multi Use Barn on smaller footprint
Perfect for farms and other properties under 10 acres
  • Six Stalls
  • Indoor and optional outdoor stall doors
  • Large main aisle with double barn doors at each end
  • Large upper loft
  • Utility room
  • Full staircase
  • Roof overhangs


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