Stirling Engine PLANS-Walking Beam Design


Stirling Engine PLANS-Walking Beam Design


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Stirling Engine PLANS-Walking Beam Design

Stirlings engines were the simple precursor to the steam engine. These are purely thermal differential engines that require any heat source but need no boiler or water supply. Many refer to them as “hot air” engines.

The walking beam design simplifies linkage and eliminates the need for complex machining of a crankshaft. Also this puts the flywheel low on the base which is easier to make especially if you plan to scale up the engine and make a larger one in the future.

The displacer cylinder is made from a standard apple juice can. The smaller power cylinder is made from a standard 3/4″ copper pipe and the plans include how to create the critical lightweight piston without the need for a lathe.

Build this simple stirling engine from off the shelf parts without the need of any special tools!

These plans include full scale drawings and templates so that you can easily make the stirling engine. You’ll be so impressed with yourself when it starts for the first time! This little engine will run on scrap wood, waste oil or anything you can find to create heat!

Engine Data: (Power Cylinder)

Bore: .7500 inches
Stroke: 1.500 inches
Displacement: 1.125 Cubic Inches

Heat Source Below Displacement Cylinder: Bunsen Burner, Alcohol or propane burner (Any heat source will work)
Idle rpm: 50
Peak RPM: 300 rpm

All the tools you’ll need to make the steam engine is:

A power drill or drill press
Hack saw or pipe cutter
Propane torch
Steel Files

Project Skill Level: Beginner

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-Concept of operation
-Full sized parts templates
-Step by step instructions

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