Steam Engine - Valveless Design PLANS

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Steam Engine – Valveless Design PLANS

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Steam Engine – Valveless Design PLANS

Build this simple steam engine from off the shelf parts without the need of an engine lathe!

This little steam engine is easy to build and has no valves. This substantially reduces the number of parts. The rocking cylinder is regulated by an intake and exhaust port in the firewall. You can operate the engine off of a compressor, where air simulates steam, and then use a simple pressure cooker with a 1/4″ copper feed and any fuel like wood to run the engine. Free power!!!!

Once you’ve built the valveless steam engine you can easily scale it up and even run a generator or pump at virtually no cost, running on wood or waste cooking or motor oil!

These plans include full scale drawings and templates so that you can easily make the steam engine. You’ll be so impressed with yourself when it starts for the first time!

Engine Data:

Bore: .7500 inches
Stroke: 1.3500 inches
Displacement: 1.0125 Cubic Inches

Starting pressure: 8 psi
Idle pressure: 10 psi
Idle rpm: 240

Peak Pressure: 75 psi
Peak RPM: 1200 rpm

All the tools you’ll need to make the steam engine is:

A power drill or drill press
Hack saw or pipe cutter
Propane torch
Steel Files

Project Skill Level: Beginner

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-Concept of operation
-Full sized parts templates
-Step by step instructions
-Suggestions for fuel and boiler

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