Savonius Micro-Windcharger - PLANS


Savonius Micro-Windcharger – PLANS


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Savonius Micro-Windcharger – PLANS

This is a great starter project for those that want to understand wind power in its simplest form for minimal cost. The Micro Windcharger is based on the Savonius concept and is made from simple parts including a standard apple juice can for the cups. The little turbine will start to spin in breezes around 10 mph and needs to complex bearings. At start up speed the little turbine produces 0.5 volts with 100 milliamps of electricity using the simplified direct drive dynamo that we show you how to build from scratch!

At peak speed the dynamo will deliver 200 milliamps at 1 volt. You can power a small Light Emitting Diode (LED) and create your own wind powered nightlight! The thrill of creating this tiny amount of power and seeing it in use is really something all of us should experience. Later, one you understand the simplicity of wind power you can scale this up to a 12 volt system and start creating some really useful power for yourself. You can be part of the solution to global warming by creating green power and lessen your dependence on the power grid at the same time once you understand this system.

The plans include circuitry for a simple bridge rectifier to convert the dynamo’s power from AC to DC so you can charge batteries up, as well as the complete charging circuit.

The Savonius concept is easy to build from ordinary parts and does not require the fabrication of a propeller or complex blades. The Savonius is an omnidirectional system that eliminates the need for parts and subsystems that keep it pointed into the wind like a conventional rotor windmill. The span of revolutions is suitable in low and high wind speeds for our self made dynamo. No shutdown system is needed. The Savonius system also works well is low wind speeds and functions extremely well in intermittent winds. You can generate power with the unit just 6 feet off of the ground!

Another advantage of the Savonius system is the location of the charging system, that mounts conveniently under the vertical axis rotor.

Project Skill Level: Beginner

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-Frame Construction Guidelines
-Scalable profiles for simple-to-make single stage rotor
-Charging Circuit
-Simple non bearing axis

The completed wind charger can generate 100 to 200 milliwatts at up to 1 volt. This is a great science project or experiment for kids and can be a great family project too!

This is a good first project for the alternate energy enthusiast.

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