Rustic Wooden Chest PLANS - 3 In 1 Collection

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Rustic Wooden Chest PLANS – 3 In 1 Collection

$8.99 $6.99

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Rustic Wooden Chest PLANS – 3 In 1 Collection

These rustic pine chests make a wonderful gift. Plenty of time to make them for your friends and family, or make a set for yourself! The detailed plans are to scale and also include simple jigs you can make to speed up building these quaint pieces. They take a minimum of material, tools or cutting to make, yet with a nail gun and a chop saw, you can make one of these chest in 15 minutes using the jigs! These chests also do every well at flea markets and craft stores, getting $30, $40 and $50 apiece yet materials for making these chests is less than $10 apiece.

The small chest is 12″ high by 12″ deep by 18″ wide.

The medium chest is 16″ high by 16″ deep by 22″ wide

The large chest is 19″ high by 17″ deep by 32″ wide.

These measurements were developed to minimize cutting and waste using standard 1 by 2 and 1 by 4 spruce or pine stock.

Finish these chests using a cedar stain for a most elegant look!

Whether you give them as a gift or make them to earn a little extra money, you’ll enjoy making these pieces, and their inherent simplicity.

Project Skill Level: Beginner

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