Run In Shed Mini 8 by 12


Run In Shed Mini 8 by 12


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Run In Shed 8 by 12 “E Z Bild” System

Build this easy Run-In Shed of a thousand uses in two weekends! This Run In Shed was designed for a small farm with a couple of horses or other livestock. It makes a great shelter in a small paddock. You can also use the Run In Shed to store lawn equipment and tractors on rural or semi rural properties too. This shed is also perfect for lumber or firewoood storage or feed for animals. The front three foot overhang is cantilievered and thus requires no extra posts for support.

Most jurisdictions will not require a permit as a result of the open front.

Use this versatile design for:

Horse Run In Shelter
Livestock Shelter
Garden Storage
Small garage
Hay or Feed storage
Lumber or Firewood storage
Equipment cover

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-8 by 12 ft. pressure treated pier foundation
-Solid cantilevered roof on 24″ centers
-A variety of siding options
-3 Foot Overhang
-Shingled roof, or metal roof
-Easily adjusted width

Skill Level: Beginner

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