Potting Shed with Sklylights 10 by 16


Potting Shed with Sklylights 10 by 16


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Potting Shed-Greenhouse Plans

This is the perfect design for regions with large variances in temperature throughout the year. The glass area on the roof is made using five standard 2 ft by 4 ft skylights. There’s ample light to get seedlings started and plenty of cross ventilation with windows at both ends of the shed. Standard insulated wall construction will substantially extend the growing season in colder climates and make auxiliary heating more economical.

The 10 by 16 shed should be built on a concrete slab that will also collect heat and radiate it into the greenhouse on cold nights.

Use this versatile design for

-Tree starts
-Extended vegetable growing season
-Tomato Hothouse

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-10 by 16 concrete slab foundation
-Solid wall construction
-Leak-proof design
-standard 32″ door that can also be vented
-Stand-up roof line

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