Pole Construction Workshop Garage Building PLANS

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Pole Construction Workshop Garage Building PLANS

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Pole Construction Workshop Garage Building PLANS

Model: (20 wide by 24 deep)

This utility building uses common pressure treated 4 by 4 posts for pole construction. The pole construction method cuts costs and enables you to build the shed in minimal time using no special equipment. Posts are placed on 8 foot centers. The plans include either a truss roof system or a traditional rafter system.

The barn shed has a thousand uses, and the plans are approved by our local municipality. A building permit was easy to obtain.

Use this versatile design for:

Garden Storage
Small garage
Wood Shop
Hay storage
Greenhouse Equipment cover

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-20 ft. by 24 ft pressure treated pole foundation
-Solid truss or rafter construction on 24″” centers
-A variety of siding options, specified in vinyl siding
-Large 10 ft wide by 8 ft garage door opening
-Full 8 foot walls
-Shingled roof, or metal roof
-36″” entry door recommended and specified
-Standard factory sash windows around perimeter
-Optional octagonal 36″” by 36″” accent window
-Easily adjusted length by adding or removing trusses or rafters on 4 foot modules

Project skill level: Intermediate

These are Large Format 11″ by 17″ plans.

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