Octagon Gazebo PLANS - 10 ft Dark Finish


Octagon Gazebo PLANS – 10 ft Dark Finish


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Octagon Gazebo PLANS – 10 ft. Dark Optional Finish

Build this pretty gazebo from cedar or redwood and make it the focal point of your estate or garden. The gazebo has 8 sides, and measures 10 feet across. The sides are easy to make in your garage, which minimizes building time outdoors.

You can even build all the components and set it up in the Spring! Plenty of room for a patio set.. You can cover the roof with cedar shakes, shingles, or a metal roof, whatever you prefer, if you wish to match your home or cottage. The gazebo is finished off nicely with an ornamental cupola. The trim work on this gazebo is simple and easy to fabricate in a dark finish. A departure from the typical cedar stained look.

Project Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-10 ft. pressure treated or cedar foundation
-Modular wall construction
-A variety of roof options
-Picket railings with optional appliques
-Ornamental Cupola

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