Murphy BiFold Doors Bed PLANS – Double Size EZ-BILD Design


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Murphy BiFold Doors Bed PLANS – Double Size EZ-BILD Design

Murphy bed’s were designed to maximize space. Their design works perfectly in small rooms, lofts, apartments and scores of other applications. Traditionally, Murphy Beds used awkward spings that were usually hard to find for the home builder. Later, gaseous pistons were used that were expensive and usually leaked. Our plans have the answer! We’ve adapted common door closers to dampen the up and and down motion of the bed when folding or opening. You can get them inexpensively at any home building center! Also, to ease construction, we’ve eliminated the need to finish the underside of the bed frame. We’ve added simple bifold doors to the design.

Finally, a Murphy Bed design for the home builder without the need for expensive mechanisms and cabinetry! You can build this whole bed for less than $500!

Bonus: The design includes plans for two matching detachable side cabinets with drawers and shelves for extra storage.

The plans include details for:

-Space efficient Murphy bed frame with bifold doors
-Double bed design
-Dual side cabinets that can be detached
-All wood construction with easy to obtain metal parts

NOTE: This Bed Plan is designed for easy disassembly at moving….

Our plans are to scale and feature detailed instructions on:

-Simple joinery requirements
-Sturdy frame with easy take apart system

Project skill level: Beginner to Intermediate