Multi Use Barn Garage Stable PLANS

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Multi Use Barn Garage Stable PLANS

$199.98 $49.99

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Multi Use Barn Garage Stable PLANS

(32 ft  wide by 36 ft  deep with two 12 by 36 wings)

LARGE FORMAT (11″ by 17″)

This design evolved from a combination of other concepts to create a Multi-Use structure that can be employed as a Garage, Shop, Barn or Stables for livestock.

The main section includes a spacious 32 foot wide by 36 foot deep two level barn area. The lower section has ten foot ceilings. At the rear is a 7 foot garage door for rear access as well as a staircase to the upper loft. The loft is perfect for hay and feed storage or equipment. You can add a conveyor at the front to load hay bales into the front upper access door.

The design includes double garage doors at the front and two wide 36″ door for access on each side of the garage door. The 12 by 36 foot wings on each side share a wall to reduce heating and building costs and easily incorporate into the main roof lines to create an extra 864 square feet of space that can be demised to create six spacious horse stalls.

Plans include foundation details for a perimeter block foundation for the main area as well as a pier foundation for the optional wings.

These are our LARGE FORMAT plans that are in 11″ by 17″ sheets. The plans are permit ready in most municipalities and include:

Foundation Plan
Full Construction Plan
Roof Plan with front overhang
Side Elevation
End Elevation
Recommended Layout Plan
Loft layout with interior staircase

These plans on 11 by 17 sheets include detailed diagrams as well as step by step construction directions from the foundation up. There is a detailed list of materials as well.

Our 11 by 17 format are the largest practical size that you can get copied locally for a nominal cost.

All diagrams are to scale with full dimensions detailed in every diagram.

Our design will enhance the value of any rural or urban property. Customers have built cabins according to our plans since 1978!

Our plans are to scale and feature detailed instructions on:

32 by 26 pressure treated pier or slab foundation
Solid 2″ by 8″ construction on 16″ stud centers
Easy to purchase standard sliding double glazed windows & doors
Open concept with suggested layout
Enclosed EZ BILD straight staircase to second floor

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