Mini-Barn (16 by 20) with "E Z Bild" Truss System

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Mini-Barn (16 by 20) with “E Z Bild” Truss System

$16.99 $9.99

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Mini-Barn (16 by 20) with “E Z Bild” Truss System

Plan #C15070

This mini-barn offers 320 square feet of space with 6 foot walls and and over 10 feet of peak roof height. It’s built using our truss system that creates such a strong frame, it needs no sheathing to make it structurally sound. In fact the first year we built this mini barn, we covered it in plastic and had an immediately functional shelter for all our garden implements. The next year, all on a cash basis, we ordered steel siding to match our arena. We had quotes of $12,000 to have one built, but we did it ourselves for about one third that cost! The truss system can also be erected by one man with no special tools.

The mini barn has a thousand uses, and the plans are approved by our local municipality. A building permit was easy to obtain.

Use this versatile design for:

Garden Storage
Small garage
Wood Shop
Hay storage
Equipment cover

Our plans feature detailed instructions on:

-20 ft. pressure treated tunnel foundation
-Solid truss construction on 24″ centers
-A variety of siding options
-Two large 4 by 8 hinged doors
-Over 10 feet ceiling height
-Shingled roof, or metal roof
-Easily adjusted length by adding or removing trusses

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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