Legacy Ornamental Window Cupola 36" PLANS


Legacy Ornamental Window Cupola 36″ PLANS


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Legacy Ornamental Window Cupola 36″ PLANS

This is a nicely detailed 36″ by 36″ Ornamental Cupola with French Style windows. This cupola is a beautiful accent to any smaller structure up to 40 feet in roof width.

This ornamental model is simply attached to the specific roof profile you have and no roof holes are required.

The windows can be easily enclosed with inexpensive plexiglass to keep birds out.

This design also has a slightly flared base creating a very elegant profile.

It is designed in two sections so that the base can be easily attached to the roof of your structure and then capped with the upper section. These Cupola plans also come with cross bracing internally in case you wish to add a weathervane.

You can match the cover of the roof of the structure or clad them in prefinished metal or copper for a striking and dramatic look.

Happy Building!

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