"Expandable Uxbridge Cottage 16 by 24 with Dual Extensions"


“Expandable Uxbridge Cottage 16 by 24 with Dual Extensions”


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Expandable Uxbridge Cottage 16 by 24 with Dual Extensions & Deck

Expandable Cottage PLANS 16 by 24 with Dual add-on 12 by 16 extensions

LARGE FORMAT (11″ by 17″)

Why pay $100 or more for cottage plans?

Get our detailed large format plans and get started!

Build a great cottage like this one as a guest house, lakeside retreat or an array of other uses!

Start with the main building, a spacious 16 by 24 cabin with front deck.

The main cabin offers lots of space for a kitchen, living/eating area and washroom.

Add the dual upper level lofts accessed via a circular staircase or ladder and you can comfortably sleep up to 6 people.

Later on, your main cabin is ready for expansion with the addition of dual 12 by 16 wings, adding two permanent bedrooms.

The main cabin side windows convert to doorways into your new additions.

If on the water, the design offers a view from all rooms of the lake and the design offers an easy way to get started and expand later.
Once completed, this cottage has great curb appeal. The roof design offers a very easy setup for the home builder and features a 12/12 high load roof.

These are our LARGE FORMAT plans that are in 11″ by 17″ sheets.

The plans are permit ready in most municipalities and include:

Expandable Pier Foundation Plan
Full Construction Plan Roof Plan
Side Elevation
End Elevation
Recommended Layout Plan Recommended Electrical Plan for 100 ampere service
Recommended Plumbing Plan

These plans on 11 by 17 sheets include detailed diagrams as well as step by step construction directions from the foundation up.

There is a detailed list of materials as well. All diagrams are to scale with full dimensions detailed in every diagram.

Our design will enhance the value of any rural or urban property.

Our plans are to scale and feature detailed instructions on:

Pressure treated foundation with porch

Solid construction on 16″ stud centers

12/12 Slope roof design

Easy to purchase standard sliding double glazed window and doors with prepared rough-ins

Two upper level lofts Open concept lower level with suggested layout

Project Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

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