Deacon's Bench Plans


Deacon’s Bench Plans


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Deacon’s Bench Plans

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Build this simple yet elegant Deacon’s bench from either hardwood or softwood. This project will enhance any hallway, entrance or bedroom. Plenty of room under the seat for blankets, toys, or gloves and mitts. Remove clutter by making a couple of these functional benches. This is an excellent beginner’s woodworking project that will enable the builder to master panel glue-ups as well as cutting curves.

Our scaled plans feature:

-Solid wood construction, recommended in pine
-Experience gained in panel glue-ups and curve cutting
-Decor to match any room
-Scalable templates

The bench as built measures 32″ wide, 16″ deep and 32″ high

Bonus: Included are plans for a sliding tray for the inside for small objects

Project Skill Level: Beginner


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