Charleston Cupola - Ornamental PLANS 24 by 24


Charleston Cupola – Ornamental PLANS 24 by 24


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Charleston Cupola – Ornamental PLANS 24 by 24

Build this beautiful ornamental cupola and create a striking accent to your barn, home our outbuilding that will create a dramaric and added roof detail.

The curved roof is easily built from 1/8″ plywood, laminated into three layers. Add a copper roof cover to the cupola as shown to create a real eye-catching focal point to your structure. The flared base adds an extra element of presence and detail to this beautifully shaped cupola.

These Cupola plans are broken down into a series of easy steps, to create a solid wind, rain and snow proof unit that will endure through one season to another. The cupola is made out of plywood and softwoods.

Our plans are to scale and feature detailed instructions on:

-Step by step component construction
-Instructions for a custom mount skirt
-Universal design and detail
-Versatile roof line
-Instructions on the right size for your structure
-Details on recommended finishes
-Provisions for optional weather vane installations
-Instructions on weatherproof roof installation

The finished Cupola is approximately 24″ square by 42″ high.

Project skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

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