Captain’s Bunk Bed PLANS – Simple Double/Twin Size


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Captain’s Bunk Bed PLANS – Simple Double/Twin Size

Here’s a brilliant space saving design that incorporates the spatial efficiency of a bunk system with the best features of a Captain’s bed. This design includes drawers on both sides of the double bed lower base. If you place the unit against a wall, there’s also a provision in the plans to create deeper drawers on one side.

The upper twin bunk is great for those sleep-overs with friends and can also be used for lots of extra storage when not in use.

This Captains bed also requires little more than a table saw, a jig saw, sander and drill to complete in a couple of weekends. This is a perfect project for the craftsman to create in a softwood like pine. This simple design involves all straight cuts and will help you create a Captain’s Bunk Bed in just a couple of weekends!

The plans include details for:

-Space efficient drawers on both sides (6 total) or three deep drawers on one side
-Symmetrical side boards
-Double mattress for lower level and single for upper level

Our plans are to scale and feature detailed instructions on:

-Simple joinery requirements
-Sturdy frame with easy take apart system

Project skill level: Beginner


Project skill level: Beginner to Intermediate