Blanket Chest PLANS - Cherry & Pine

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Blanket Chest PLANS – Cherry & Pine

$9.99 $6.99

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Blanket Chest PLANS – Cherry & Pine

This solid blanket chest is made primarily of pine with a cherry and pine lid. The chest features alternating mahogany and pine boards in a diamond pattern for the lid as well as 1″ finger joints for the sides.

The base features large cove molding that you can make yourself with tips and tricks we show you using only a table saw. There’s no need to pay $3.50 a foot for elegant large molding when you can make it yourself for less than 50 cents a foot. This solid chest will last for years and years to come and can make a nice addition to any bedroom, cottage or cabin.

The chest can also make a great coffee table! Although the chest measures 36″ wide, 18″ deep and 22″ high, you can adjust it to other sizes. In its recommended format you can really store a lot of blankets in it!

Another good secondary wood to use for the lid is Cherry. The corners are made with finger joints, making the chest extremely strong and adds a real nice detail. These plans will enable you to master finger joint techniques and secrets of making curved molding with a table saw.

The chest features:

-Solid wood construction
-Built up mahogany/cherry and pine lid
-Finger joints in 1″ format
-Do it yourself large base cove molding
-Adjustable size format
-Flat top to double as a coffee table

Bonus: Included are plans for a a sliding tray inside for smaller items, using re-saw techniques.

Project Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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