Blanket Chest - Hope Chest

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Blanket Chest – Hope Chest

$9.99 $6.99

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Blanket Chest – Hope Chest

Build this simple yet elegant chest from either hardwood or softwood. The model is one we made from maple, however pine or cherry are other good selections. This project will familiarize you with simple joinery and floating raised panels. The front of the chest features three floating raised panels that we’ll show you how to make with only a table saw – no need to master a router with this design!

The base is simple yet refined. Design lines are crisp. This chest will suit any decor. You can line the bottom with aromatic cedar as well.

Our scaled plans feature:

-Solid wood construction
-Experience gained in intermediate wood joinery and floating raised panels
-Decor to match any room
-Safety features such as rear vent holes and an optional
lowered front to prevent pinched fingers

Project Skill Level: Beginner

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