Bird Feeder Station - PLANS

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Bird Feeder Station – PLANS

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Bird Feeder Station – PLANS

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This free standing Bird Feeder station enables you to hang your own collection of bird feeders including the ones included in the plans! The Bird Feeder station is free standing with a hand base to catch stray seeds too. Easily made out of cedar, you can relocate the station through the seasons. The station easily fits on a deck, patio or by a window. The multiple feeder station will enable you to attract a variety of different birds using different feeders and food, and the birds are always in view! This unit makes bird feeding a great year-round pastime, not only in the winter. In the summer, adorn the station with your favorite annual flowers and attract your local species of birds as well as hummingbirds.

Included in the plans are two feeder designs, one hip roof hanging feeder as well as an easy to assemble square design gazebo feeder that can either hang from your feeder station or sit nearby on a small post.

You can also make these for flea markets and fund raisers, they sell very well!

The feeder is approximately 33″ wide by 33″ deep by 72″ high.

The Feeder Station Features

-Total visibility from all angles and views
-Capacity for 4 different hanging feeders
-Easy to clean sturdy tip proof base
-Perfect accent for any deck or garden

Project Level: Beginner


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