Barn Style Shed (10x14) PLANS

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Barn Style Shed (10×14) PLANS

$12.99 $8.99

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Barn Style Shed (10×14) PLANS

Plan #C15015

Build this classic barn style shed and free up the garage with 140 square feet of secure storage space. The one we built has a 48″ door to enable storage of a lawn tractor. Barn style sheds offer maximum storage volume for a minimum in materials cost.

Our design uses only one template for a truss system built on 24″ centres. Since each side of the barn shed including the roof is identical each of the 8 trusses is made of identical 2 by 4 frame pieces and truss gussets from half inch chipboard.

This simplicity in construction will enable you to get the frame up in half a day.

With each scaled and detailed plan, we’ll also provide you with a dimension chart if you want to build the shed 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 feet wide. Because of the truss system, the shed can also be easily adjusted in length by simply adding or deleting the trusses, that install every two feet.

There are also 4 different door plans:

48″ Door as Shown
36″ Man Door
Double 24″ Doors
32″ 2 piece Dutch Door
Project Skill Level: Beginner


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